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Series / 所属系列:
Little Critter: 孩子的成长,总有自己的烦恼。Critter 想要吃曲奇,妈妈说 No. 想要把金鱼从浴缸中拿出来玩,妈妈说 No. 所有我想要做的事情,妈妈都说 No! 所有妈妈让我做的事情,我都不想做!我很生气!这个经常很 mad, 把眼睛瞪得圆圆的小家伙,不停地有各种各样的烦恼... 这就是其中 I Was So Mad 这本书的内容。系列中每本书,都能让孩子产生共鸣,图画非常直观,仅看图画孩子就能够理解并且高度认同,这种与自己的经历共鸣,一定能够引起孩子兴趣,而且这些书也正是教会孩子如何处理这些、如何解决成长中的各种烦恼的好帮手。

Overview / 简介:
Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.
Popcorn and candy at the movies.
And burgers and shakes to end the day . . .
Just leave it to Little Critter to take care
of things while Mom and Dad are away!

Foreign Customer Review / 国外客户评价:
I am in love with the Little Critter books and so is my 3 year old son. This one in particular my son loved from the first page. He wanted to make his own peanut butter sandwich after reading it and I let him! He was so proud, just like Little Critter was with his PB and pickle sandwich. Great book.

About the Author / 作者介绍:
Mercer Mayer began writing and illustrating children's books in 1966. Since that time, he has published more than 300 titles and created the best-selling Little Critter#174; books. Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Mercer Mayer moved to Hawaii as a teenager and he attended the Honolulu Academy of Arts. He later studied at the Art Students League in New York City. outside my window was one of the first picture books he illustrated. Mercer Mayer lives on the East Coast with his family, their dogs Belle and Buttercup, and Tickles the cat. He continues to write and illustrate books for children.

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