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年龄/等级:3-6 / Pre-K

作 者:Fleming Denise

主 题:睡前故事   


  • 页 数:32
  • 图书类型:Picture Book
  • 装订类型:Hardcover
  • 价 格:16.99 美元
  • 押 金:102 元
  • 逾期借阅费:17 元/月

PreS Fleming's pulp papermaking technique, with its soft edges, warm colors, and highly textured look, gives this book just the right tone. The repetition of sleepy, oh so sleepy pairs well with the repeated question, Where's my sleepy baby? as various animals are introduced. From the familiar panda and penguin to the lesser-known anteater and orangutan, the many creatures are depicted in their natural environments. The final spread features a tiny human baby, which, for any child still awake after this soothing read, will be a pleasing sight. Barbara Elleman, Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, Amherst, MA

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