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年龄/等级:6-9 / Level-3 / 1-3

作 者:Beer Hans de Marianne Marte

主 题:动物 - 农场动物幽默、搞笑故事类睡前故事   


  • 页 数:32
  • 图书类型:Picture Book
  • 装订类型:Softcover
  • 价 格:6.95 美元
  • 押 金:70 元
  • 逾期借阅费:11 元/月
Overview / 简介:
From the creator of the beloved Little Polar Bear comes another irresistible animal hero. Youngsters can follow Ono's adventures in ten short, simple episodes, illustrated in comic-strip style. The curious piglet's enthusiastic explorations of the farm--"which inevitably lead to disaster--"will elicit delighted laughter and the shout-out-loud refrain, "Oh no, Ono!"

From Organization / 国外机构评价:
PreSchool-Grade 2–A curious piglet races around the barnyard finding mischief in this cozy tale. Each spread presents a brief adventure about Ono: chasing a rabbit into its den and getting stuck, doing a cannonball into the pond and splashing the ducklings into the air, saving a hen's egg from a hungry fox, and inadvertently tipping a haystack onto a cow. His escapades are inevitably greeted by the repeated refrain, "Oh no, Ono." Each episode ends with a wry comment about the lesson he has learned or the friends he has made. Small panels show the action on the left-hand side, while the narrative appears on the facing page. The marriage of the art and text is integral to the book's success; the full-color illustrations complete the action that the words merely hint at. Youngsters will delight in this saucy pig's irrepressible enthusiasm for new experiences and the benign regard or testy reactions of the animals he encounters. While the pictures are too small for groups, they are perfect for one-on-one sharing and independent readers.

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